Youth without borders teenage migration in Europe


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Our project was born starting from a more and more visible issue in all European countries and all over the world. Today many families and young people are moving across borders and the impact of migration on children and teenagers has obvious consequences over their lives. The aim of this project is to make our pupils ask some questions, try and find the best answers to them and choose the side of active involvement during this process. Thus this project helps pupils turn into responsible young European citizens, aware of the possible problems and benefits of migration. It offers the opportunity to raise awareness about the magnitude of migration with its positive and negative aspects and to break down xenophobia, prejudices and stereotypes through sharing their ideas, working together in international teams, enlarging their social, educational and cultural horizon when traveling abroad for the project meetings.

Getting to know one another, realizing that there are not fundamental differences in their lifestyles and ideals, acknowledging the positive contributions each part has over the other one in this continuous exchange and melting process are the main benefits of the project.Visit our gallery and our archive, where you can see old projects and old experiences.

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